Founded in 2002, the company has been dedicated to the design and construction of special installation exhibition stands for more than 15 years, providing customers with one-stop services of design, construction and maintenance. Has to provide exhibition services more than 3000 performances, exhibition on more than 200 enterprises become the loyal customers, we have a high-quality team, all members of the design team with domestic famous academy of fine arts fine arts background, experience an average of 5.3 years, according to customer demand for all kinds of creative planning scheme is put forward, to meet customer all custom requirements. Self - owned factory, more than 10 years of construction experience can restore the effect picture actual scene more than 95%.
Source manufacturer, signed long-term purchasing contract with material supplier, material purchasing cost reduced by 10%. The fixed construction team and over 80 permanent workers are all experienced in the construction and production of exhibitions for many years. From the purchase of raw materials to the production process and logistics transportation, the loss of each link is reduced by 20%.
As a professional exhibition company, we have the courage to challenge and adhere to the service philosophy as long as the road is long. We insist on taking strategy as the lead and brand service as the core, We provide all-round service to our customers.
Service contrast
With standard workshop covers an area of more than 15000 ㎡, a variety of fine production equipment and exquisite workmanship The technical staff and the systematic inspection tools, 7-15 days of rapid sample production at the same time, Ensure all products are of high quality.
In the limited space to give full play to the unlimited creativity, good quick fine three high design standards
Cutting-edge design team, meet various style requirements
More important than the big picture, less important than the details
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    Specialized in booth design and construction industry More than 15 years, really rich industry experience
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    factory, all of whom have been working for 8 years Experience in exhibition production, including 3 carpenter classes and iron Art class, paint class, electrician team.
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    Our fixed cooperative customers have exceeded 250. All walks of life
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    Our service sessions have exceeded 3000, including special packing Construction, exhibition hall layout, venue planning, etc
customer evaluation
High quality service to bring good reputation, help the exhibition, achieve win-win, 15 years of design and construction Real combat, local marketing real kung fu
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